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"Three Plus One, Powell and Market, 2015"

(Fuji X-T1)

In a departure from my usual effort to stay away from gear talk, after getting "re-acquainted" with my Fuji X-T1 recently I thought I'd share my experiences and comments on the "new" Fuji with firmware 4.0.Why "re-acquainted"? I have had every Fuji "X-Trans" street camera of significance, budget permitted.I bought the first X100, the first X-Pro1, and the first X-T1.

Although I captured some strong street images with these cameras, some of which I'm very proud of, the cameras continuously let me down time and time again. Slow or failed autofocus, sleepy wake up times, and general sloppy response. Although I loved the pictures I created with this camera when it cooperated, I also lost a graet many great shots waiting for Fuji's street cameras to "catch up with the moment".

By this I mean we all know it is important to anticipate a street scene, to conceptualize a photograph, to very quickly respond physically, altering our location and/or exposure settings to be ready as fast as one can.I think my best example of sheer frustration and hatred of the early Fuji street cameras is best summarized by this example:

The year 2008. Paris. Fuji X100. Muslim woman begging on street. French paratroopers on patrol a half a block away walking into the scene. I quickly moved close to the scene, got down low sitting on the sidewalk, set my composition, and awaited the soldiers, heavily armed, to enter my composition. Note: French paratroopers do NOT want pictures taken of them. They are quite direct in shooing photographers away. I knew I had only three frames and two seconds to get the shot, knowing the soldiers wouldn't tolerate anymore. Get ready! Get set! I can already SEE the print. This is so great! Now, take the shot! Nothing. Focus failure.Lag. Sleepy time. Call it what you want. No photos. Glares from soldiers, a potential confrontation in a foreign country. All for nothing. I sold the X100. Three years later, and I have not forgotten that missed shot.

Fast forward. It's2011. Musée d'Orsay, Paris. This time: A Fuji X Pro-1. As I wait in line  to enter the museum a group of children are playing "tag" nearby. In the distance a group of,you guessed it, French Paratroopers, bristling with heavy weapons, walking towards the children. Redemption! I anticipate the convergence of the two groups. The innocence and the tragedy of our times. I move. I compose. I set focus and controls. I repeat the mantra "I will not miss it this time!".T he composition comes together better than I had hoped! Not only do the children and the soldiers converge, but the kids begin to run under, between, around, and through the legs and rifle barrels of the these "Legionnaires of Freedom". Alas, pressing the shutter I get all sorts of issues, mostly slow lazy focusing, and shots firing a moment too late over and over. I spend the next several seconds chasing focus, failing to keep focus lock and composition, doing ANYTHING to catch some sort of substitute focus. Failure. The glares from the French troops tell me they are not pleased, so I stop. My Fuji has failed me. Again. I did my part as a street photographer. I anticipated the shot. I got in position with my tools set. The "tool" failed". The moment had passed. The Fuji will never be trusted again. The X-Pro1 sits on a shelf. I spend the next year shooting exclusively with my Canon EOS 5d's.

Enter the X-T1. Promises. Slick, oh so slick, advertising. I buy. I spend a few street outings with the camera, but find nothing has really improved. I'm finding my "tool" is still the limiting factor in obtaining shots. So much so that when I found myself forced to cover a spontaneous news story for a wire service I work for with the only camera I had with me, the X-T1, I ended up getting bashed by my editor who saw the drop in image quality (I had been forced to crop the images, and they simply didn't hold up). Add the fact that again I had as many missed shots as I can ever remember, and I knew the X-T1 was going on the shelf with it's brother. Fool me once, fool me twice, I had asked for thirds and I got just what I deserved.

Summer. 2015. Fuji Firmware 4.0.

Nothing will be the same. Every feature of the camera has been improved. It's simply a totally new camera. Fast autofocus. Simple, fast, intuitive features. No more "exposure compensation" that isn't. No more system lag. No more "this that and the other thing" standing between me and my photos. Nirvana. Simple, utter, nirvana. I see the shot. I move to place myself. Suddenly it's just me "In the Moment". Not "me and this stupid brick fighting my every move". Just me and my vision. "Click, click, click..."

Firmware 4.0 and the Fuji X System has finally caught up. The Fuji X-T1 with firmware 4.0 is a FAST and VERY RESPOINSIVE street camera. It is capable of creating images, when in the right hands, that rival anything. A weekend of shooting and not once did I miss a shot due to the camera taking naps. Just a fantastic, fun, and intuitive time was had with the Fuji XT-1.

Fuji, you really got it right!

That being said, X systems remain very unforgiving to sloppy technique. Images will not tolerate cropping. This is NOT a Canon 5D MKIII. You need to fill the frame, and this requires tenacity and hard work when shooting "street" with "wide" lenses. Fill the frame and get close and the X-T1 delivers! The camera has no crutches, no tricks to bail you out if your technique is lacking. In fact I would say that unless your technique, your grasp of all things "street", isn't there, you may find the camera is mean and nasty. Ah, but when you "hit all the notes", when it all comes together, the camera will not disappoint. The RAW files are a joy to work on. The "latitude'", especially in the highlights, it a real pleasure.The files are clean and sharp, work up easy, and out of the box jpegs are usually close to perfect.

Lastly, I had an opportunity to use the X100s, and it too is significantly faster and improved in every respect. I'm guessing the newer X100T is even better. I see a black one in my future.

My DSLR is now back where it belongs, doing professional work when the presence of a big DSLR isn't a hindrance and I need the best image I can possibly get as fast as I can get it, while leaving me "headroom" with massive files to correct less than perfect technique. Where my DSLR does not belong is photographing city street scenes. The DSLR attracts attentions and confrontation, something we all want to avoid when out photographing. For me street photography is once again the province of X-Trans and all it's siblings.

Thanks Fuji.

More Fuji X-T1 San Francisco street photos here:







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Android Camera Saves the Day

"Gentleman, Petaluma, 2015"

Sure you always want to have a DSLR and a prime lens with you, but an Android picture beats no picture at all.

On an aside, this images printed well up to 8x10. Beyond that some "noise reduction" applied by the camera automatically destroyed and chance of improving on it.

Man Petuluma Sidewalk 2015Man Petuluma Sidewalk 2015

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Mon, 29 Jun 2015 20:01:38 GMT
Sunset, Bay Windows, Nob Hill
Sunset, Bay Windows, Nob HillSun setting on California Street bay windows as seen from the Mark Hopkins Hotel, on Christmas evening, 2014.

I took this back on Christmas at sunset.

Winter evenings in San Francisco have beautiful warm light, with long glowing shadows that bath everyone and everything in an embracing glow.



[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) San Francisco nob hill sunset Mon, 20 Apr 2015 00:14:13 GMT
Infrared West Marin #2


Infrared Roadway West Marin, California


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) infrared Sun, 12 Apr 2015 07:01:00 GMT
West Marin Infrared

Infrared West Marin #1Farmland, looking south, from Franklin School Road, West Marin, California. Canon 5d Infrared 24-105L

Who needs a long winded explanation about why I haven't posted pictures in a while.

Here's a short one.

I had some new life adjustments to make in retirement.

I'm hoping this photo is a good start to a good start!



[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) infrared marin Tue, 07 Apr 2015 23:48:16 GMT
Streets of San Francisco

 "No Love Tenderloin California", 2014

     "Peeking Into a Parallel Universe, Tenderloin, California", 2014


The place stands alone in my mind.

Not San Francisco.

The Tenderloin, California.

Parallel Universes. Cops. Latinos. Crazies. Whites. African Americans. Asians. Transgender. Dope world. Russians. Organized crime. Poor. Hookers. Kids everywhere. Drugs everywhere. SRO's. Old people. Wheelchairs. People sleeping and dying in broad daylight on the sidewalk and literally in gutters. Black market. Everyone running, jacking, hustling within an ethnic or cultural clique. Running in some strange Kabuki theater where everyone knows their part.

Violence. Hopelessness. Futility.

The humans just detritus to the Tenderloin.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) crime justice police tenderloin Fri, 14 Nov 2014 01:47:49 GMT
Smoker On Eddy Street Smoker on Eddy Street, Tenderloin, San Francisco


I spent some time in San Francisco's Tenderloin last evening and thought I'd share this photo.

The neighborhood is much unchanged and remains a challenging and dangerous place to photograph, in particular at night.

People have been "reading into" a changing San Francisco that the Tenderloin is "clean(er)" and "safer" to walk around in.

Sadly, this is untrue.

The Tenderloin remains a very troubled place, and is probably less safe than I have seen it in quite some time.

I DO NOT recommend photographers walk through the Tenderloin at night photographing unless you are very good at blending in and don't expose expensive (or any) camera gear.

Simply navigating some of the streets at night without a confrontation, much less with a camera taking photos, is iffy and honestly, simply foolish.

This isn't about  "well you just have to have city street sense" and "stay alert", and "be aware of your surroundings".

It is much, much beyond that.

I took this photo from a car.



[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Dressed Eddy Smoker Street Tenderloin Well Sat, 08 Nov 2014 05:37:35 GMT
Cameras Best When Used Peterson Brothers Continental Club Austin, TexasAlex Peterson, 15, of the Peterson Brothers Band.GLENN PETERSON JR., 18, and his brother ALEX PETERSON,15, perform at the Continental Club in Austin Texas on October 20th, 2014.

Usually clubs with live performances don't allow photography. Visiting the Continental Club in Austin, Texas a few weeks ago I got lucky. Sticking by the old saying you don't get what you don't ask for, I went ahead and asked the door guy if I could take pictures. He told me to go right ahead and I did. Once I got permission I wasn't shy about it. I introduced myself to the band and met them and their family. The Peterson Brothers Band consists of two brothers, Alex, 15, and Glenn Jr, 18. That's Alex on the bass guitar. I spent two hours photographing, had a fantastic time, and was able to get the band photos for promotional use.

Bring your camera with you.

Don't be shy about using it.

Get engaged with your subjects.

And by all means, have fun!

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) austin band blues continental jazz music Tue, 04 Nov 2014 00:54:53 GMT
The Paradise of New York Street Photography Shoeshine, 42nd StreetEverything was cool here until I opened my big mouth. Just take pictures until they eat you, which hasn't ever happened.

I have been plugging away at street photography in San Francisco for a long time. Over the decades I have seen a growing lack of intolerance, and even outright indignation, if you should "intrude" and dare take a persons photograph in public. It's now become a game of "not getting caught" more than just being bold and confident. God help the street photographer who snaps away with a small discrete shooters camera, much less anyone with a prime camera and prime optics. Without getting into all the variety of reactions a photographer gets taking street pictures in cold techie self absorbed San Francisco, here's what you get in New York.


No reaction.

OK, a few smiles.

Very Cool.

I'm not a fan of secretly taking street photos. They very often look like "stolen moments" not "frozen moments". My best photos, and the one most guaranteed to get pleasing results from, are acquired by simply bring the camera up, aiming directly, and pressing the shutter. That is not so simple in San Francisco, but in New York the art of street photography is SO ACCEPTED, and so MAINSTREAM, that I quickly dispensed with trying to hide what I was doing.

So much so in fact that on my next visit I'll just shoot with my Canon 5D MK3's and leave the rangefinders and mirrorless stuff at home.

This photograph is a prime example. I started working the shoeshine stand. Feeling sneaky and uncomfortable, and not at all confident I was obtaining anything "honest", I moved in tight and worked about 180 degrees around before I blew it and, instead of just shooting away, inquired if they minded me photographing. That broke the spell. It's New York. Everyone photographs. Rather than helping it simply removed all the spontaneity from the following images.

The lesson is: Photograph. Keep photographing. Talking generally opens up an avenue for conversation, not photographing. Act professional. Don't be sneaky. Photograph. Get what you can. 360 degrees.

Have a business card ready. Jam it to them if you think it's appropriate. Always send them jpegs "when and if" they email you.

Street photographer. Screw San Francisco, head to New York. New Yorkers are flattered when you photograph them. They love all forms of photography, and get a rush a "real photographer" takes their picture. So dump the small cameras. Bring your prime glass. Enjoy.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) fujifilm nyc shoeshine street Sat, 18 Oct 2014 03:00:00 GMT
All Around Us Time to get back to street photography ramblings and images. It's been a long time since my last post. 26,000 miles on a motorcycle to be exact. I put the camera away and just enjoyed the solitude of the western United States on the back of a bike.

Like a lot of you who practice in photography I can find the "pressure" of trying to produce images fatiguing. Sometimes you need to take a break and start fresh.

I'm happy I did. I'm back to making images that feel fresh, real, and instinctive. I hope you agree.

All of Us, All Around Us, Liberty Island Ferry A beautiful summer day. The folks are waiting in line to return to Manhattan after visiting the Statue of Liberty.

"All of Us, All Around Us" 

My new mantra is "find the unusual" view to photograph.

I have noted that some of my favorite images utilize a 'keyhole" of some sort to photograph through.

An amazing number of natural and man made objects are there for us to frame our shots, and give an unusual and fresh perspective.  

These folks are lining up for the ferry to return to Manhattan after visiting the Statue of Liberty, photographed through the ferry window frame.





[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) boat ferry liberty new york Tue, 14 Oct 2014 02:15:17 GMT
Infraed Images on Display McClaren Lodge If you are in the neighborhood stop by the McClaren Lodge in Golden Gate Park where they have been kind enough to select three of my images for their new space. All three are infrared images taken in San Francisco's Richmond district. The lodge is located here.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Sun, 26 Jan 2014 18:30:00 GMT
New Project: People Are Pigeons Too I'm doing a new project entitled "People Are Pigeons Too", a look at people and their environment explored via multiple exposure. I utilized this technique during Grant Rusk's class "Themes and Images" at the Harvey Milk Photo Center and  found it to be very intriguing. The technique reveals a different relationship between us and our environment than the one we are used to seeing.

By the way, speaking of the Harvey Milk Photo Center, if I can give all of you photographers just starting one piece of advice it is to GO TAKE A PHOTOGRAPHY CLASS. If not at Harvey Milk than at a local college or community center. Photography is hard enough to learn, so save yourself some time and frustration, and support our local colleges and art centers!!!

Project completion "People Are Pigeons Too": Fall 2014.

People Are Pigeons TooPeople Are Pigeons Too

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Ocean Beach San Francisco Tue, 21 Jan 2014 18:17:28 GMT
New Gallery Up at TMAXPHOTO.COM...Cops at the 'Stick


Thanks to the SFPD for letting me tag along at the 49er's vs. Seahawks game as part of a piece on "fan violence".

This is a password protected gallery I put up so the coppers can get photos.. The password should be pretty obvious to most....KMA blank blank blank. Letters must be in 'caps.

I did not photograph everybody. Sorry, but because it's for an editorial news story the shots have to be in context (policing and fan violence and the 'Stick).

There are a lot of images. I shoot for editorial news and there is no excuse for missing a shot. A slight change of expression can make or break a shot. Even when shooting film I would have shot 25 rolls. 

NOTE: This gallery is now down. Contact me if you wish images.







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New Gallery of Street Work Posted on

Go here to look at my new gallery of pictures taken on a recent trip to New York, London, and Paris. I photographed exclusively with the  Fuji X Pro-1, leaving my entire Canon 5D MK III system sitting at home. In the past I have always traveled with my entire system(s), only selecting what I will use upon arrival. The result had always been I shot 90% of the time with a basic rangefinder setup, and left the bulk of my stuff in the hotel. I went out on a limb this time and brought just the Fuji X Pro-1 along on the trip. Will I do it again, and leave my Canon cannons at home? I'm not really sure. Then truth is as much as I love the Fuji X Pro-1, many a shot was lost because the camera is just not fast enough. Either the camera had to wake up, couldn't catch focus, or it just plain lagged. When I was firing away it performed fine, but when I was "inactive" for any period it seemed like the "half press" involved a half a lifetime as the subject I was photographing turned away as the camera shook off the cobwebs. I have played with various settings, but in the end I couldn't get the little bugger up to speed in time. The trade off was I was able to photograph discreetly and quietly in places where the Canon 5D MK III would attract attention. So long as the battery hadn't gone dead.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Mon, 28 Oct 2013 20:49:08 GMT
Folsom Street Fair 2013


A small selection of Folsom Street Fair pictures. Click here or on the image to visit the gallery.

The challenge with an event like this is bringing back something other than the cliché...


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Folsom Francisco San lgbt Wed, 02 Oct 2013 07:01:00 GMT
Hope to Meet / Traveling London and Paris with a Stop in NYC Indifference on a Paris Street, 2011 (Indifférence sur une rue de Paris, 2011)

Hello and thanks to Tim Wagner of Open Show for giving me a chance to introduce myself and put out my hand to fellow artists and photographers. My name is Peter Thoshinsky, a San Francisco based photographer and photojournalist. I had the privilege of being a presenter at the May 16th 2013 Open Show held in San Francisco. My partner and I are visiting New York October 6th to October 9th, London October 10th until October 16th, and then by the Eurostar (Chunnel) to Paris October 16th to October 22nd. I would love an opportunity to meet other photographers and artists during our travels to all of these cities, or even, as Tim suggested, to present a body of work at an Open Show (I need to know about this in advance).

 I'm most pleased to meet people interested in street photography, reportage, and photojournalism. This would be especially true in Paris (I do not speak French). I'm also more than happy to spend some time presenting (or attending) a "one on one" or small group photography seminar in these cities, time permitting. If you are photographing with a Fuji X Pro-1, Fuji X100, or something similar I have had quite a bit of time (and sometimes frustration) with these fantastic but finicky cameras, and I'd be more than happy to work with you if you can show me around the (non tourist) areas. I particularly enjoy the local life in big cities. Film, digital, pinhole, view camera, camera phone, I don't care. All I ask in return for a little photo coaching is a smile, friendship, and your local insight. I extend a return invitation to any photographers visiting San Francisco. I would be more than happy to show you around.

I also work with a modified Canon 5D infrared camera. The results can be beautiful!

The Île Saint-Louis

Île Saint-Louis, 2011



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Illusion at Noe and Market Illusion Noe and MarketIllusion Noe and Market

I took some time off from photography last month because my partner Mark bought a new motorcycle. I used to ride bikes but gave them up for adulthood. That's over now, so I had to get a motorcycle. I haven't picked up a real camera in four weeks. This picture was taken from a bar called "The Lookout", located at Noe and Market Streets, with my Android and an app called Retro Camera. Noe and Market is a great place for photography, almost as good as Church and Market. The intersection, because of the signal light sequence, is more like watching "Frogger", as pedestrians, motorcycles, cars, shopping carts, and bicycles all take advantage of San Francisco's version of the "Right of Way" rule which is the same as the "It's all about me rule". Of all the shots this "illusion" of car chaos, almost like a roll of the dice, was created by Mark waving his hand in front of me trying to get me to stop taking pictures. LOL. F8 and be there.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Fri, 20 Sep 2013 17:26:35 GMT
American Couple, Olive Alley (Or How Photographs Alter Perceptions) American Couple

I was going through some images from two weeks ago. This is a photograph of a "homeless" couple in Olive Alley in the Tenderloin of San Francisco. I was quietly pleased. The man and woman pictured are two very well adjusted and seemingly happy people. No more or less so than several hundred other people in the bars and restaurants around the corner. I didn't expect that.

 American Couple.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Sun, 04 Aug 2013 16:53:52 GMT
For the Love of It....  


You know what? I carry my camera EVERYWHERE and you know what else? If you just take out a piece of decent photo gear, and just start taking pictures, and act like you know what the F you are doing, you can go ANYWHERE. I was at Duboce Park on my way to the Harvey Milk Photo Center when I saw this kid's birthday party. The parents had hired a "bubble guy" who brings out a big soap bubble act. The kids participate. It's WAY cool. Now generally photographing children is fraught with dangers which are all too obvious to discuss. Recently I have learned that it's best just to jump in, knowing it's best to ask forgiveness than permission. I anticipated being approached by suspicious parents. Instead all I got was a lot of "Can I get a copy of that...?". As usual I handed out a bunch of business cards, which establishes my intentions. I also tell them, "Email me and I'll send you images". Oddly enough, almost no one ever does. Update July 30th: The boy's mom emailed me. Sweet! I got her the images. I'm happy to do it. Her son will have the photo the rest of his life.

To the point: Be bold, don't ask permission, and always be prepared to hand out a business card.

Photojournalism, whether you approach it as a profession or just a passion, requires no apology.

Document our world. Hold a mirror to man.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Duboce Francisco Park San bubble bubbles children Tue, 30 Jul 2013 01:44:23 GMT
The Mirror: I'm Sam The Mirror: _DM30054-Edit-2

Sam. 19. Male. Transgender. Heroin addicted. Sick. Sleeping in a doorway. There right now. Services refused.


Note: Today starts a new series I'm working on called "The Mirror". Photojournalism is holding a mirror up to ourselves as a society. Solutions to problems begin with knowledge. We need to stop turning our heads.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Tue, 23 Jul 2013 18:09:20 GMT
San Francisco Bay Bombers Roller Derby Wow! Remember roller derby? I'm talking KTVU Channel 2 1950's and 1960's high bank track professional roller derby! It's alive (barely) in the San Francisco Bay Area. One of the greatest gigs I ever did with a camera. The San Francisco Bay Bombers kick ass, despite their age. These people are tough as nails.

San Francisco Bay Bombers Roller Derby

Fast, furious, and brutal in it's intensity it's something you need to go see. There were families from everywhere, screaming and yelling, and most importantly smiling and having a good time. I can't say enough about event. Go see them August 17th and 18th at the Santa Clara County Fairgrounds. You won't be disappointed. You will need a fast camera and fast lenses for this sport!

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) alameda bank derby high roller rollerderby skate skating Mon, 22 Jul 2013 18:36:09 GMT
My Male Erotica Gallery is Back 050716_156_Print

Once upon a time a few months ago a San Francisco photographer (not me) had a boudoir photography website. The man is an accomplished photographer, with an excellent professional portfolio.  His site contained no nudity. This photographer also happened to be a San Francisco Police Officer. He quickly found himself in trouble at work. He was forced to take down his website. Out of caution I took this gallery down. Well, I'm NOT a San Francisco Police Officer, so here is my gallery of male erotica. Gosh, be careful the gallery contains ADULT CONTENT so you must be eighteen years old. Oh, and it's all guys. Also don't go to museums if you are under eighteen. The human body is not for people under eighteen to admire. By the way if you like this stuff contact me I'll photograph you.


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) form homoerotica lgbt male models nude Thu, 18 Jul 2013 12:00:00 GMT
Just Too Damn Much Time Too Much Free Time

"Geek Playtime" (Geek Courtship)

Geek drone gets ready to send other geeks out on geek scavenger hunt from Union Square San Francisco. I'm sorry but you motherfuckers just have too much free time. Get with it! Toss in a bottle of whiskey, some killer weed, condoms, then start the damn thing at midnight at the End Up, work your way north up Sixth Street, skirt the Tenderloin, and hit the dive bars.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Geek San Francisco Union Squrae Sun, 14 Jul 2013 20:00:35 GMT
Privacy _48A0044-2

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Sun, 14 Jul 2013 19:52:33 GMT
Boy on Streetcar 20130709 Boy On Streetcar

There is a lot to be said for having your camera "oh so ready". I was crossing the street when I saw some kids on a moving San Francisco streetcar, brought the camera up, and without looking thru the viewfinder got off three frames. Don't "shoot street" with anything slower than 1/ this case 1/320th...because humans are pretty fast and the city is faster. Did I get lucky? Darn right. The child's expression is nice and the blur just enough to depict movement. The rest isn't luck. I had my camera preset and my eyes searching. F8. Be there. Make your own luck.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) MUNI San Francisco boy child streetcar Wed, 10 Jul 2013 01:46:32 GMT
California. Equality. Period. California Republic

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Mon, 01 Jul 2013 18:53:08 GMT
California and the U.S. Supreme Court (finally) Arrives! Thoshinsky

Hey people they got it right!

Supporters of same sex marriage celebrate in the Castro neighborhood of San Francisco on Wednesday 06/26/13 to celebrate the United States Supreme Court decision striking down DOMA and upholding the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court ruling that California's Proposition 8, which defined marriage as one man and one woman, as unconstitutional.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) 8 castro civil court defense eight equality gay homosexual lgbt marriage proposition queer queeract right rights supreme us Fri, 28 Jun 2013 19:42:22 GMT
No, it's not 1943. San Francisco used to be the iconic naval city. Not anymore of course. I photographed this US navy officer cadet as he went past AT&T Park following a football game during Fleet Week. I dig the rain dripping from his cap.


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Thu, 20 Jun 2013 18:32:49 GMT
Community Exit Community Exit


There's a lot to be said for photographing from a old San Francisco Historic Streetcar. It's a (generally) safe shooting platform with lots of windows that come down. I'd suggest anyone visiting the City take advantage of these beautiful old rail cars as a way to see the City and make images from an unusual vantage point.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) San Francisco Tue, 18 Jun 2013 13:00:00 GMT
Harvey Milk Photo Center Presents "In the Moment" Photo Exhibit I'm pleased to announce I'm one of the artists showing at the Harvey Milk Photo Center's "In The Moment" photo exhibit. I hope you can attend the opening reception on July 12th, 2013 from 6:00-9:00 PM .  The exhibit runs until September 16th, 2013. For those of you who are not familiar with the center it is the oldest and largest wet darkroom in the United States. They have expanded to digital photography as well and with a modern digital lab and large format Epson output. A variety of classes, both traditional and alternative processes, are available at very reasonable costs. Stop by and say hello.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Center Harvey Milk Photo Sun, 16 Jun 2013 23:35:04 GMT
Will the US Supreme Court See the Love? Love the One Your With...Prop 8 Ruling This Week

Will the US Supreme Court exit the dark ages and enter the age of enlightenment on DOMA and Gay Marriage? It makes one wonder, doesn't it, that the elderly people deciding these things are not our contemporaries, but those of a generation born and raised during the second world war?

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Sun, 09 Jun 2013 20:07:41 GMT
Petulant Child Petulance

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Tue, 04 Jun 2013 22:10:57 GMT
Scream, Civic Center Plaza Thoshinsky_042311_Scream  

I was making images in San Francisco's Civic Center during an event. I spotted scary taxi driver type dude and knew I was only going to get a few frames because he seemed pretty "in touch" with things around him.  I like to add visual movement to my stills by having people moving, or better yet blurring, through the frame. When I saw this guy entering from the left I brought my camera up and got off three frames. The man covering his ears is reacting to stage noise, not a bomb blast.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Center Civic Francisco San scream street Sat, 01 Jun 2013 18:43:18 GMT
Garage, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Victoria Fuji 2013-184

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Sun, 26 May 2013 13:00:00 GMT
Jumper Eddy Street Jumper Eddy Street






A Tenderloin resident contemplates suicide nine stories above Eddy Street. Just off to the left out of the picture are SFPD negotiators and the SFFD rescue squad, roped in and ready to move. The man was coaxed off the roof many hours later.  


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) eddy jumper suicide Fri, 24 May 2013 13:00:00 GMT
Victoria Squared, British Columbia, Canada Color is not something you will see a lot from me, but I don't want to rot as an artist. By the way, I'm currently photographing in the square format. Both of my cameras allow composing, actually masking, in the square format. Sure I know I lose sensor area, but I think it's important to crop "in camera", rather than photographing and cropping later.


I really enjoy the "calm" the square format brings. I actually find it rather relaxing.

Clicking on an image will take you to the full sized version on my website.


Victoria Fuji 2013-93



Victoria Fuji 2013-65




Victoria Fuji 2013-164


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) B.C. Color Fuji Pro-1 Square Victoria X Tue, 21 May 2013 22:22:26 GMT
Egg Evening Kitchen. Hard boiled. Egg. Egg

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) egg Tue, 21 May 2013 01:00:00 GMT
Glass Eye 20130518-_DSF0595

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Mon, 20 May 2013 00:28:46 GMT
"Open Show" and Apple San Francisco May 16th Photography Show NYC_Pete_111024_1545


NYC Squared

I'm pleased to announce I'm one of four featured artists chosen for the return of "Open Show" to San Francisco's Stockton Street Apple store located at #1 Stockton Street. 

The event is one night only, Thursday Evening, May 16th, at 7 PM.

The show features images taken with cell phones. My project is titled "NYC Squared", and is a selection of photographs taken with my cell phone using a cool application called "Retro Camera".  

Note that each artist presents individually so if you are late you might miss something. I'm hoping my friends and all you fellow photographers can join me.

After show party TBD.

BART is easy here just get off at the Powell Street station. Apple is right there at 4th and Market/Stockton.

(Just listen for the "Drummer Man")

Click here for more information:




[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Apple Open Show Mon, 13 May 2013 22:48:55 GMT
Tush, Father and Son, Victoria B.C. 2013 _DSF0093

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) victoria Mon, 13 May 2013 17:34:02 GMT
Bunk My High 11-35a11-35a


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Fri, 05 Apr 2013 19:02:01 GMT
Transgender Rally 16th and Mission 13.03.28_0048

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Sun, 31 Mar 2013 22:27:56 GMT
Child at Food Line, 16th and Mission 13.03.28_0151


I was photographing for a gig in the Mission. "Food Not Bombs" set up a soup line. That's what they are. Soup lines. I asked myself, for the first time, why doesn't our government feed people?


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) bombs child food francisco not san Sat, 30 Mar 2013 20:45:51 GMT
Child, Maryland Market Child, Maryland MarketChild, Maryland Market


Taken just moments after I made the image of the father and son on their way to school, this child sat in the grit at Leavenworth and Turk Streets. Sixteen years later nothing has improved. The child should be about twenty-one now. I wonder about things...


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) 1997 Child Market Maryland Tenderloin Sat, 16 Mar 2013 16:16:59 GMT
Tenderloin Father and Son Tenderloin Father and SonTenderloin Father and Son


I took this photo back in 1997 during the early morning. The child was on his way to school. In only a few hours this street wouldn't be safe.


[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) 1997 Children Tenderloin Sat, 16 Mar 2013 16:13:35 GMT
Emilio Banuelos Workshop Coming Up Emilio Banuelos puts on street photography seminars and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area. Emilio is a man who see's images  through his heart before the viewfinder. If you want to really learn how to become engaged with your subjects and your enviornment you should really consider his workshop. I will warn you, in my opinion if you don't understand exposure, especially manual operation of your camera, this is NOT a workshop for you.


Update: The workshop is sold out. I will be blogging about the class which is March 22-24th.

[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Thu, 14 Mar 2013 23:26:24 GMT



That's me . I'm going to get deep. I have spent a lot of years in my life playing a lot of roles. I played a child (and I still do at times). I played a young man trying to conform (I failed). I spent thirty something years as a street cop, mostly in the Tenderloin. I learned a lot. Mostly what I learned is I learned I don't know very much about anything. I learned that what I was taught in school was wrong. I have learned that, sadly, most of what I have believed in is false. It's a strange strange journey.











[email protected] (TMAXPHOTO Photography by Peter Thoshinsky) Thu, 14 Mar 2013 22:53:02 GMT